My wife and I have received regular eye care and our first set of glasses since we were six.  In the many years since then, we’ve grown accustomed to the norms of the optometrist’s office: waiting in the lobby, waiting in the examination room, the dreaded “poof” test, the certain amount of discomfort while flipping through various lenses, and of course– waiting for our new glasses or contacts to arrive. Since switching to Spectrum Eyecare in 2007, we’ve gotten used to some new norms.  Appointment times are kept, visits are brief, and what we order arrives promptly.  Our visits are welcomed with cheer and understanding and we leave feeling we’ve accomplished something rather than had something done to us.  Visits feel more like a house call from a 1950’s sitcom versus the modern medicine machine we’re all so used to.

I trust Spectrum Eyecare with my vision, so much so that I was happy to have my LASIK procedure done through their recommended provider in 2011.  Like all things Spectrum does, the referred provider was nothing short of the best: quick, on-time, and I felt very well informed both before and after the surgery. My follow up care with Spectrum continues to be very reassuring and helps me celebrate my new vision.

While I hope my son avoids the terrible vision genes my wife and I have, I trust that his first visit to Spectrum Eyecare will be a positive one and something he uses to set the standard for his vision care for many years to come.

RC (2011)

After my first visit to Spectrum Eyecare, I was completely blown away with how nice the employees and facility were, I couldn’t stop talking about them to my family members and co-workers! From the moment I walked in the door they were extremely helpful and thorough and made me feel so welcomed. They also have great deals on frames, contacts and sunglasses!

I am so glad that I finally found a place that meets all my needs!

-MF (2011)

The girls there are very friendly and helpful. The office was easy to find and offers top quality name brands and high-fashion name brand eye glasses. The doctor was very informative about eye health and showed me the digital images of my eyes and what they look for to determine if any diseases or potential health risks are present.

-MY (1/27/12)

Awesome service. Very friendly staff. Doctor is knowledgeable and very friendly. Great experience all around.

-JD (2/11/12)

My husband and I were first time patients of Dr. Swearingen. We were extremely satisfied with all aspects of our visit. The staff is very friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. Dr. Swearingen gave us a through exam in which he explained the results of all of the tests, and showed visuals of different types of eye ailments. The expanations of results and visuals were a first for us! He is outstanding! My prescription was perfect and I adjusted quickly to my new lens. I was also happy with the selection of frames and appreciated the valuable help of the technician. My husband did not need a new prescription! All in all a wonderful experience!

-JB (3/10/12)

Dr. Swearingen & his office staff were very friendly, professional, patient, & helpful. My appointed time was on schedule. Dr. Swearingen took the time to explain the procedures used during the eye exam and he was very helpful in addressing my questions & concerns. The office personnel were very patient as I reviewed my choices for prescription glasses & sunglasses. It was a very nice experience.

-LM (3/19/12)

Was referred. By my wife and once again she was spot on! Excellent staff. Pleasant office, with a very good selection of glasses to choose from. I expect that when i recieve my glasses i will be as equally pleased. I will definitely be referring others.

-PG (4/7/12)

Thank you for making Erika’s check-up a very pleasant one!
The Dr. was very thorough we appreciate Dr.’s like him.

We will definitely recommend your office to friends and family.
-EB (4/27/12)